Kelly, the owner of Shear Bliss, has been working in the Shingletown area for over a decade. She moved to Shingletown with her parents in 2002 and has enjoyed her time here since. She is married to the love of her life and they have a little one together. Kelly is a third generation hairdresser and is training up her little one to join the ranks if she wants too!

Kelly has been doing hair since the start of 2007 and has loved every day of it! She is a certified educator for the state of California to teach Cosmetology and is also an educator in training with the amazing company Keune.

Outside of the salon Kelly loves gardening and spending time with her family and friends. She loves education and is always looking for another class to take. She enjoys exploring the beautiful North State and traveling all over the states with her husband and little one.



Christie, the Nail Technician for Shear Bliss, has been working with nails since the start of 2016 and is learning new things daily! She had been interested in the business for many years and finally had the opportunity to go to school and fulfill that dream.

She loves to do everything from very long detailed nails to very basic polished nails. She loves doing acrylic nails and also enjoys doing gel. She gives amazing pedicures and will make your fingers and toes a topic of discussion. She has many many polish and acrylic colors to choose from.

Christie is a mother to two beautiful girls and is married to the man of her dreams. Outside of the salon Christie loves spending time with her family, playing soccer and even coaching! She is very involved in her girls’ school as well as very involved with her church.




Shawna is our newest addition to the salon; she’s fitting right in and doing some great hair! Shawna has done hair off and on since 2009 when she started school back then and was able to finish more recently. She loves the salon life and her love to make people feel beautiful and handsome shines through in her work. It’s hard to not feel special when you’re being treated by her!

Shawna and her family of 5 have lived in Redding for the last 10 years and enjoy camping in our great outdoors and doing things together as a family like traveling. Her oldest daughter plays volleyball while her son is into soccer and her youngest daughter is trying to keep up with her older siblings. Come and meet Shawna on her normal days in the salon; Wednesday through Friday!

We can make you feel beautiful